New Blog!

At http://www.GettingPastYourBreakup.com/gettingpastyourpast


Blog forum open for registration and testing. We will run in tandem with the blog for another week or so (I’m setting up the 1/31 Bootcamp on another forum and may not be able to start that and switch this at the same time). So at some point in the next two weeks, we will make the switch. The blog’s comment system will be the forum.

PLEASE read registration threads before registering.


Please feel free to reply to threads (or if you’re a silver or gold member, start them) and we’ll see how well it works. Thanks.

Closed to Comments

This blog is closed to comments. A very limited number of archives are available for reading.

Please join us on the new blog at http://www.GettingPastYourBreakup.com


New Blog Open

The new Check in and the September NC Chips threads are open on http://www.GettingPastYourPast.com

This blog will be closed to comments in a few hours. So go over to the new blog and start the new threads!!!